Key Management

Maintain accountability for your organization’s locks, keys, cores, and cylinders with the ability to manage vital security information concerning key holders and key access.
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How Key Management Benefits Your Organization

The WebTMA Key Management module allows you to easily track the keys associated with your rooms, equipment, vehicles, tools, and other assets, as well as current information – including an audit trail – for all your locked assets.

Simple Visualization of Your Assets

Visualize key information over a fully graphical format by linking locks and keys to specific rooms and buildings

Transparency on Key Holders and Access

Keep detailed records on all key holders, and know at all times which keys are held by which holders and the doors they have access to.

Delegate Security Access

Assign specific keys (based on specially generated key rings) to unique assets and maintain confidential bittings records to ensure proper access.

Holistic Security Management

Maintain historical data of keyholders, keys created, issued, lost, or destroyed and manage all information regarding cross serialized and non-serialized keys for the generation of future incident reports.

Improved Enterprise Security

Track all necessary data for your locks, keys, cores and cylinders, you can increase your overall enterprise security.

Seamless Access to Privileged Personnel

Categorize all your locks and keys based on department and function, report on key access information related to all your assets and link keys, key rings and key holders to specific repair/cost centers.

Greater Enterprise Accountability

Manage all master and sub-master keys and quickly change keys to ensure greater accountability in the event of misplacement or damage to your keys.

Technicians using WebTMA in a warehouse

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