A Trusted Provider of EAM Solutions.

TMA Systems provides facilities and asset management solutions that can be easily configured to your needs (CMMS, EAM, or IWMS). For more than 30 years, TMA has provided reliable, innovative and trusted software solutions that help facility executives deliver value by reducing downtime, increasing maintenance productivity, improving equipment reliability and saving money.

Our flagship solution, WebTMA, provides all the functionality you need to manage and maintain your capital assets while optimizing maintenance team productivity.

Strength in numbers.

In the decades that we’ve spent perfecting facility and asset management software, we’ve helped our customers drive value that reflects in tangible outcomes.

Facilities maintained

with state-of-the-art management and maintenance solutions.


employ our maintenance services across airports, hospitals, banks, state parks, opera houses, and more.

Billion square feet

of facility space is supported including the Architect of the Capitol and the Federal Reserve Bank.

Years of innovation

and service across a wide range of industries and applications.

About TMA Systems

TMA Systems has a long history of empowering facilities management teams with leading-edge asset maintenance and management solutions.

What sets TMA Systems apart?


Trusted by over 1,650 clients, our off-the-shelf solutions are designed for every industry, no matter how complex or niche. We help our clients manage over 55,000 facilities and 4.5 billion square feet of property, including universities, hospitals, banks, state parks, airports, and even opera houses.


WebTMA gives you the best possible value for your investment with all the features of CMMS, at a competitive price.  You will also have access to our TMA Consulting Team with an average 14 years of experience providing systems consultation to world-class organizations.

Right-sized and Future-proof: Our platform can be easily configured to your needs across multiple categories – CMMS, EAM, or IWMS.  A future-proof investment, WebTMA evolves as you evolve.

Modern Technology

Our sophisticated SaaS-based platform was developed using modern technologies and is powered by our team of world-class engineers. The platform was created with a focus on ease-of-use and the needs of our customers.

Innovative, Open, and Configurable

We have been co-innovating with our clients for more than three decades. This is largely enabled by our open, highly configurable platform that easily integrates with existing systems. The depth and breadth of the solution lets you manage and maintain every type of asset imaginable – from airfields to Zambonis.


TMA Systems is trusted by organizations that require the highest level of security, like military bases and federal banks. Our platform can be hosted both on on-premises and on cloud infrastructure, which enables 99.9% uptime for our clients.

Time to Value

We also provide in-house professional services and customer support teams to ensure a delightful experience from discovery to implementation to training and ongoing support. This is why we have one of the highest customer-retention rates in the industry.

As a holistic maintenance management service provider, TMA Systems can fully support your facility and asset maintenance management needs with world-class data migration consulting, implementation, training, and ongoing customer support. Each an important part of a reliable and trustworthy operating environment for our customers.

Driving innovation across industries.

Our Core Values


Honesty and trust are essential to all our business relationships.


We anticipate our customers’ needs and work to satisfy their organizational requirements.


We empower our associates to reach their full potential by providing an environment that utilizes their skills, creativity, and capabilities.


We are fully committed to protecting the community, the environment, and other natural resources by operating in a safe, responsible, and reliable manner.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our corporate culture values and nurtures originality, inventiveness, and creativity through openness and reverence to the entrepreneurial spirit.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Our dedication to operating in an effective manner is paramount to the success of TMA Systems and its clients.

Collaborative Environment

We value autonomy with a focus on cooperation to promote quick decisions and collective participation.


We are always adapting to change to create opportunities that make us a successful organization.

Our History

TMA Founded
Cross-platform CMMS. TMA operates seamlessly between Microsoft and Apple systems.
Introduction of paperless solution for mobile devices
Web-based CMMS solution, WebTMA
CMMS to utilize 100% Microsoft.NET technology, WebTMA 2.0
Use of 2nd generation .NET technology, WebTMA 4.0
Integrated interface, StarRez housing solution
Launch of newly developed WebTMA 7
Online/offline mode developed for mobile
TMA moves to modern HQ in Tulsa, OK
Silversmith invests in TMA Systems

Expanding our Team

TMA Systems is always searching for driven and innovative individuals to bolster our teams with their talent.

Our team

TMA Systems is empowered by the guidance of our highly motivated leadership team – individuals who play a vital role in the sustainability and success of our organization.

Mark Simner
Chief Executive Officer
Dustin Taylor
Greg Shell
VP of Operations
Scott Nelson
VP of Marketing
Mike Hill
VP of Engineering
John Swofford
VP of Sales
Steve Min
VP of Finance and Corporate Development
Adam Deatherage
Director of Operations
Don Wildauer
VP General Manager Prime Technologies

Board of Directors

Jim Quagliaroli
John C. Smith
Board Member
Marc Munfa
Board Member
Mark Simner
Board Member

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