IT Service Management

Track and account for assets related to your network and infrastructure, including computers, servers, switches, routers, peripherals, and key enterprise software.
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How The IT Service Management Module Benefits Your Organization

The WebTMA IT Service Management module provides the tools your business needs to effectively manage, upgrade, and maintain all of your IT assets, from core to edge infrastructure.

Detailed Records

Maintain complete records on all enterprise computer hardware, components, and software.

Licensing Management

The module’s database allows administrators to keep track of licensing for software and assets – such operating systems and applications – and provide notifications whenever renewal is required.

Comprehensive Tracking Capabilities

Isolate and track information for IT equipment (including individual parts inside other equipment), vendors, manufacturers and services at the push of a button.

Mobile Access

Access the module’s features with ease and conduct your operations anytime, anywhere with TMA’s Mobile Solutions.

Delegate Workloads with Ease

Quickly assign personnel to work on specific IT hardware and software as required.

Streamlined Cost Calculation

Gain a better understanding of your expenditure with the ability to easily calculate depreciation, track replacement costs, and the disposition of your enterprise’s IT equipment.

Maintain Privileged Access to All Your Assets

Store and designate access for all of your vital data from one single contact point.

Technicians using WebTMA in a warehouse

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