General Inspections

Simplify your inspection process with field-tested, global checklists reduced dependence on cumbersome paperwork
Driving innovation across industries.

How General Inspections Benefit Your Organization

The WebTMA General Inspections module provides your technicians with a global checklist for assigned assets and areas, ensuring that each check is reviewed in sequence and the results are documented for future reference and/or action

Customized Inspection Options

Utilize WebTMA GO or mobileTMA GO to electronically complete inspections as per their convenience.

Automated Task Management

Leverage PM scheduling for auto-generation of inspection schedules and multiple work orders for multiple failures on the same inspection if needed.

Intuitive Documentation

Ensure the review of each maintenance check in sequence, document results with requisite ratings, and upload inspection results for future analysis.

Offline Functionality

Enjoy offline mobile access for complex inspections that need to be performed without an active internet connection.

Move Beyond Maintenance

The module’s proactive reporting capabilities and documentation allow your enterprise to move past just maintenance and towards ensuring the safety and reliability of your assets

Time Efficient Management

Eliminate the need for paper inspection forms to save time and lost paperwork.

Handles Complex Requests with Ease

Create complex inspection checklists and work orders for multi-asset inspections with relative ease to streamline your enterprises’ corrective processes during inspection failures.

Technicians using WebTMA in a warehouse

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