Executive Dashboards

Leverage a dynamic user interface tool that allows your enterprise to gain valuable insights in real-time – and then leverage them to make key decisions for your organization’s benefit.
Driving innovation across industries.

A Dynamic Data-Driven Tool

The TMA Executive Dashboard features a wide selection of configurable screens that display numerous key performance indicators (KPIs) in a variety of reporting formats. This means that managers can quickly and easily see the data that is vital to them and their role within the organization – and act upon it seamlessly.

Holistic KPI Management

Set user-defined targets for each KPI and monitor their status in through either real-time or scheduled updates.

A Variety of Display Formats

Utilize digital gauges, bar graphs, digital read-outs and pie-charts to gain critical real-time metrics.

Customizable Dashboards

TMA Executive Dashboards are either prebuilt by TMA Systems (based on specific organizational roles), can be modified, or built from scratch to create completely personalized user interfaces.

An Enhanced End-User Experience

Create user defined thresholds for cautions and alerts, and inform users of immediate faults which require action with automatic email messages.

Agile Data Management

Easily reflect upon the true state of your enterprise operations in real-time, allowing managers to take data-driven action to improve their organization’s productivity.

Seamless Management

Provide vital information to other users to leverage new opportunities to boost enterprise productivity, as we all as to identify and mitigate potential problems.

Ease of Access & Adoption

An intuitive software solution that allows managers and their teams to easily adopt it into their day-to-day work processes and create user-defined parameters for their work orders and KPIs – all of which can be easily tracked by managers with ease.

Technicians using WebTMA in a warehouse

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