Mass Import

Redefine how your organization handles data with the ability to seamlessly integrate and migrate large amounts of data accurately and efficiently.
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How Mass Import Benefits Your Organization by Importing Data Correctly

    As a key part of our WebTMA platform, the Mass Import module for CMMS data migration allows all facility managers to overcome the cumbersome hassles that come with managing large and complex data sets.  

Efficient Data Import

Swiftly update extensive databases with bulk information, empowering users to make widespread changes across multiple records simultaneously. This is perfect for organizations with dynamic data sets that demand regular updates.

Dynamic External Data Integration with Existing Maintenance Data

Easily incorporate information from external sources into WebTMA software. This capability enriches your data, ensuring your software stays relevant and functional with insights from various channels.

Simplified Data Editing

Worried about having to go back to your data import templates for corrections before you re-import them all over again? Worry Not. Our intuitive, multi-select tools allow you to make global edits to all your data - either individually or in a group - in one place.

Ensure the Highest Maintenance Standards

Get detailed error detection in identifying and rectifying issues while extracting data from the current CMMS software, ensuring imported data meets the highest quality standards.

Seamlessly Migrate Your Data

Effortlessly transfer data from the current CMMS software to  WebTMA. Our cutting-edge features ensure smooth data migration, eliminating the risk of data loss or inconsistencies during the data migration process.  

Turbocharge your Enterprise Performance

Experience faster and more responsive data imports through the process of importing data in parallel or batches with our intuitive performance optimization features.

Industries we serve


Ushering enterprise-wide digital transformation with robust, configurable asset management systems.

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Providing cutting-edge CMMS healthcare software to maintain healthcare facilities to exceed shifting regulatory needs and consumer demands.

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Ensuring optimized operations and performance-centric asset and facilities health for global manufacturers.

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Public Sector

Providing technologically advanced software solutions for local, state, and federal government asset tracking activities.

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Enhancing education facilities management across institutions, be it K-12, technical school, or a college or university

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Elevate guest satisfaction by implementing top-tier maintenance protocols, optimizing facility condition management, and implementing asset tracking solutions tailored to the needs of hotels, restaurants, resorts, and various hospitality establishments.

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Energy & Infrastructure

Maximize the efficiency and reliability of your power plants and energy production assets with our comprehensive oil and gas maintenance software

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Warehousing, Distribution & Logistics

Maximizing operational efficiency in logistics, warehousing, and distribution centers, all while maintaining cost control and ensuring customer satisfaction

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Pharma & Life Sciences

Guarantee compliance with stringent medical regulations and guidelines through innovative CMMS solutions that offer comprehensive reporting, controlled management, and effective risk mitigation

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