Event Management

Efficiently track your event-related resources and logistics for events. Strategically assign your work orders to any upcoming and scheduled events with seamless work order generation, management, and budgeting.
Work Order Management Software

How Event Management Benefits Your Organization

Planning and executing events can often be a complicated activity. But with WebTMA’s Event Management module, you can estimate and schedule numerous work-related activities and costs required to successfully organize your events.

Customizable Forms

Customize, design, and utilize public request forms; work order requests; and various other online forms with the module’s custom form-builder.

Comprehensive Space & Resource Management

Manage events across multiple locations and reserve the rooms, resources, and services that you need with just the push of a single click. This even includes general setup, food service, attendants, floral, security, electrical, and environmental requirements, and more.

Robust Reporting & Event History Management

Maintain a comprehensive history of all event information available from previous events, projects, and work order reports with our robust reporting tools. Then leverage all of this key data to effectively and decisively execute all your future events.

Seamless Calendar Management

Record all necessary event information in one central location and visualize monthly events with ease by viewing them on a graphical calendar. Event calendars can be customized to be public or private facing depending on your requirements.

Real-Time Conflict Detection

Notify technicians and other stakeholders in real time in case of double-booking issues and other conflicts within your existing schedules.

Event Scheduling Made Easy

Effortlessly schedule resources, dates, and facilities for events, with the option to convert scheduled event items to reservations seamlessly.

Intuitive Access & Approval Controls

Ensure that only designated users have access to their respective tasks and locations while automating your approval workflows to guarantee that your events are managed within established parameters.

Industries we serve


Ushering enterprise-wide digital transformation with robust, configurable asset management systems.

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Providing cutting-edge CMMS healthcare software to maintain healthcare facilities to exceed shifting regulatory needs and consumer demands.

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Ensuring optimized operations and performance-centric asset and facilities health for global manufacturers.

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Public Sector

Providing technologically advanced software solutions for local, state, and federal government asset tracking activities.

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Enhancing education facilities management across institutions, be it K-12, technical school, or a college or university

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Elevate guest satisfaction by implementing top-tier maintenance protocols, optimizing facility condition management, and implementing asset tracking solutions tailored to the needs of hotels, restaurants, resorts, and various hospitality establishments.

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Energy & Infrastructure

Maximize the efficiency and reliability of your power plants and energy production assets with our comprehensive oil and gas maintenance software

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Warehousing, Distribution & Logistics

Maximizing operational efficiency in logistics, warehousing, and distribution centers, all while maintaining cost control and ensuring customer satisfaction

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Pharma & Life Sciences

Guarantee compliance with stringent medical regulations and guidelines through innovative CMMS solutions that offer comprehensive reporting, controlled management, and effective risk mitigation

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