Capital Planning

Improve your enterprise’s ability to maximize its future return-on-investment (ROI) through end-to-end management of their capital investment strategy
Driving innovation across industries.

How Capital Planning Benefits Your Organization

The Capital Planning module summarizes your enterprise’s capital investment information. Leveraging powerful data processing, the module simplifies this complex data into a visually digestible report, using interactive excel graphs and a variety of pertinent reports.

Easily Generate and Summarize Detailed Capital Data

Seamlessly collect and document detailed estimates through straightforward and comprehensive maintenance backlog documentation.

Visually Represent Critical Expenditure Scenarios

Graphically showcase important scenarios, such as the impact of underfunding an operational budget for maintenance and replacement of buildings and infrastructure.

Review Annual, Biennial, and Five-Year Plans

Easily develop detailed capital plans across single or multiple financial years.

Predictive Planning for Potential Scenarios

Easily integrate with existing enterprise systems and leverage summarized data from the Capital Planning module to forecast planning up to almost 20 years into the future.

Better Prioritizations

Establish a clear process outline to prioritize your capital planning projects.

Simplify your Insights

Use UniFormat assembly categories and interactive excel graphs, infographics, and reports to simplify complex data

Easy Identify Sub-Optimum Capital Management

Highlight the gaps between funding for capital asset maintenance and proper capital investment.

Better Investment Presentation Opportunities

Justify funding requests to management by projecting capital improvements and renewals, and present persuasive and credible arguments for extending the life of your organization’s physical assets.

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