Utility Services Management

Ensure sustainable enterprise operations with the ability to track costs and usage of your organization’s energy resources and utilities.
Driving innovation across industries.

Our Valuable Features 

WebTMA’s Utility Services Management module consolidates all your enterprise utilities’ key usage and cost data to help determine variances for investigation and eventual optimization.

Database Management

Maintain a fully integrated database that details your facilities, energy and service consumption, and billing data based on utility usage.

Simplified Data Visualization

Easily analyze meter data and calculate the utility type against actual usage and expenditure through detailed graph budgets and pre-formatted reports.

Weather and Temperature Tracking

Understand how much energy is expended due to atmospheric changes by tracking weather fluctuations, historical weather data (gathered from NOAA records), and the average monthly temperature.

Budget and Utility Allocation

Establish multiple accounts and service locations for each service type and allocate utility and service costs based on usage for appropriate departments and/or buildings.

Billing Management

With the ability to manage multiple rate structures regardless of adjustments – including demand and peak period surcharges – managers can quickly and easily generate monthly billing invoices for services rendered across multiple locations.

Get Comprehensive Energy Consumption Data

Calculate the average daily energy consumption rate of your facilities and utilities to create an all-encompassing view of your assets’ usage.

Make Strategic Budgeting Decisions

Make key budgetary adjustments from the insights gained by this module by comparing budgeted amounts with actual utility and consumption rates throughout the year.

Service Charges Managed with Ease

Allocate and bill utility and service charges throughout your organization, manage minimum service charges at any point in time, and manage maximum charges regardless of the billed demand.

Technicians using WebTMA in a warehouse

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