Standard Service Request

Improve your enterprise’s quality of service and response times with a simple and innovative browser-based work request system.
Driving innovation across industries.

Our Valuable Features

WebTMA’s standard Service Request module allows your maintenance teams to operate with full efficiency and professionalism.

Simplified Request Forms

A variety of pre-formatted request forms are available out-of-the-box and can be configured to include or eliminate relevant basic fields.

Request Status Updates

Automatic status updates are provided regularly to the customer over email from the time of submission right up until completion. If further information is required, customers can query WebTMA’s database for more specific information.

Location Agnostic

Online requests for all manner of services* can be submitted from any location that has access to the internet or enterprise intranet.

Data Security

SSO support guarantees secure user authentication while SSL ensures that data transfers remain encrypted and restricted to individual users or groups.

Specialized Requests

A wide range of specialized requests can be made and processed, including the automation of requests** and the utilization of QR codes for service requests to specific locations.

*Certain requests such as those for materials, minor capital projects, events, and locks & keys will require the specific licenses for the applicable module
**License for Auto Attendant module is required

Improved Communication

Ensure better communication with your client via location and device-agnostic access and automated update management.

Greater Visibility

Gain real-time reviews on the status of work requests and work orders with ease.

Better Customer Experience

Decrease processing times and calls to your work center by allowing clients to submit their own requests and gauge your performance with online customer surveys.

Technicians using WebTMA in a warehouse

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