Fleet Management

Track vehicle information, reservations, rentals, and billing charges, make reservations for a specific vehicle or a category of vehicles and create a work order for cleaning or necessary repairs when the vehicle is returned.
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How Fleet Management Benefits Your Organization

The WebTMA Fleet Management module calculates rental charges automatically based on hourly, daily, monthly, or mileage rates and adds extra charges for cleaning or late returns.

Comprehensive Vehicle History

Track vehicle rentals, who they are assigned to and when they need to be returned while retaining full maintenance and PM histories on each vehicle.

Improved Customer Experience

Improve communications with customers by delivering requests, reservations, and status information via email.

Advanced Scheduling

Create reservations for specific vehicles or even categories, and meet customer needs by managing scheduled vehicles in a timely and professional manner.

Work Order Generation

Create work orders for repairs to vehicles or generate cleaning work orders automatically when the vehicle is returned.

Streamline Chargebacks

Calculate rentals automatically based on a variety of parameters can be collected to easily bill or produce chargebacks to customer accounts or departments as needed.

Maximize Your Fleet’s Efficiency

Easily research vehicle availability and maximize the use of your fleet in the most efficient manner possible with pre-formatted reports and an easy-to-read graphical scheduling calendar.

Seamlessly Manage Your Fleet’s Expenses

Track a wide variety of expenses related to vehicle rentals so that you can effortlessly manage your own fleet finances or produce charge information for clients to be billed or credited on.

Technicians using WebTMA in a warehouse

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