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Auto Attendant

Eliminate manual entry in work request conversion and scheduling.

The Auto Attendant module is a work-flow tool that may be configured to bypass the request to work order conversion and scheduling process.

This module will accept requests and apply a set of defined rules. If auto-convert rules are met, the request will be auto-converted to a work order. Furthermore, if auto-schedule rules are met, the work order will be auto-scheduled to a trade or technician.

Both processes occur in the background on the server after the transaction has been saved, allowing the user to continue with their work in the same or another area of WebTMA.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce staff dependency for conversion of after-hours work requests
  • Auto convert requests into work orders based on a set of defined rules
  • Auto schedule work orders based on a set of defined rules
  • Configure auto conversion rules based on task, trade, and/or zone
  • Automatically schedule a work order for a trade or technician.
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