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Custodial Management

Simplify and streamline custodial services throughout your entire organization.

The Custodial Management module represents the first integrated custodial management tool that works in tandem with a robust Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). This powerful tool can be used to efficiently manage your custodial staff, work-flow processes (routes) and cleaning supplies, while capturing all your facility management costs in a single integrated database. The module utilizes ISSA 447 Cleaning Times and APPA's Custodial Staffing Guidelines as the basis for developing cleaning schedules for routine and project work. These national standards make it easy to estimate staffing requirements for organizations that outsource custodial services or perform these services in-house.

No other custodial management software offers the benefits of full CMMS integration with robust work orders, project management, accounting functions, and CAFM* capabilities. With Custodial Management and CAFM, you can click on a room number in a CAD drawing to view cleaning requirements for any space.

Custodial Management also includes complete custodial inspection capabilities for supervisors. The module has user-defined inspection forms based on the appearance of items linked to cleaning tasks. Copies of the forms can be printed, or forms can be downloaded to a compatible mobile device. **

Custodial Management, in conjunction with WebTMA's world-class maintenance management software, provides a seamless approach to managing your facilities, materials, and personnel so you can easily track your organization's custodial requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Effectively manage your custodial services
  • Leverage full integration with your existing WebTMA Computerized Maintenance Management System database
  • Eliminate lengthy training by printing duty lists for your custodians
  • Estimate labor¬†based on level of cleanliness required or desired
  • Easily schedule custodial routes and efficiently manage cleaning supplies
  • Record all necessary custodial information in one central location
  • Track all custodial expenses in one location
  • Use pre-formatted supervisory inspection forms or go paperless with handheld devices
  • Assign task schedules to specific room types or modify them for unique spaces
  • Design a variety of duty lists for individuals or crews that permit self-checking of compliance
  • Utilize ISSA 447 Cleaning Times and APPA Custodial Staffing Guidelines inherent in the system
  • Set coverage factors for utilization of cleaning chemicals
  • Schedule multiple shifts, each having their own custodial tasks and frequencies
  • Use numerous pre-formatted reports for fast and accurate custodial services information
  • Automatically track stock levels or materials used when performing services
  • Track staffing levels via labor needs on scheduled services
  • Compare actual custodial costs against budgeted amounts by buildings, areas, and rooms
  • Allocate costs among occupants for custodial services or work arising from vandalism

* Requires a license for optional CAFM module

** Requires a license for optional mobileCustodial module 

  • Manage your custodial staff, work-flow and cleaning supplies with the Custodial Management module.
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