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Base Product

Provides the basic functionality to manage
your maintenance operations and account
for your physical assets.

With WebTMA's Base Product, you will have the functionality necessary to manage work orders and your preventive maintenance program. In addition, the Base Product provides you with the ability to set up your facilities, users, security, assets, equipment, and more. WebTMA will track:

  • Warranties
  • Service contracts
  • Tag numbers
  • Parent/child relationships
  • Location


  • Priority
  • Parts vendor
  • Motors
  • PMs
  • Graphics

The Base Product includes MyPage. MyPage can be customized by each WebTMA user and provides information that is directly relevant to their job requirements, their use of the product, and company information. MyPage allows you to drill down to specific records and can include the following sections:

  • Company and Department Bulletin Boards to notify employees of policy changes, upcoming meetings, and other valuable information
  • Single click access to the areas of the program users utilize most and the reports and graphs they need to operate most effectively
  • List of open work orders
  • Summary data regarding logged-in user’s work requests, work orders, purchase orders and preventive maintenance responsibilities
  • Access to everyday forms and websites important to you

Administrative Functions

  • Setup for the system administrator
  • Administration for global preferences, text management and user management
  • Lookups for setting up "types" and "sub-types" (i.e., work order type, time types, etc).
  • Repair Centers/Cost Centers for setting up accounts, departments, shops, trades, etc.
  • Task library for defining specific work to be performed
  • More than 350 standard modifiable preventive maintenance tasks that include tools required, safety notes and a checklist of procedures to be followed
  • Total View for navigation of the entire tree structure with links at each level

Work Order

If you are like most maintenance managers, your facility looks to you for ways to maximize their efficiency and control costs. TMA provides you this power with an intuitive and easy-to-use work order system. 

Features include:

  • Easily create work orders with coded data that is available from convenient pop-up lists
  • Charge and track work orders by account
  • Roll up costs by division, region, district, facility, building, floor, area, or department
  • Easily browse and search work orders
  • Control and prioritize work-flow
  • Pre-define and customize tasks
  • Assign and track multiple trades and tasks on a work order
  • Automatically check for equipment warranties and service contracts on work orders
  • Automatically deduct parts posted on the work order from inventory (in conjunction with Materials Management module)
  • Post an unlimited number of items on a work order
  • Post costs to appropriate accounts and accommodate multi-account billing
  • Add costs and workers comments in batch mode
  • Easily track safety and risk issues on work orders

Preventive Maintenance

WebTMA makes it easy to stay on top of preventive maintenance for any piece of equipment, asset, or vehicle. In addition, periodic inspections of areas or equipment are easy to schedule and track. With more than 350 detailed maintenance tasks in your pre-programmed library, you have the maintenance procedures to get your preventive maintenance program up and running quickly. These can be added to or modified to meet your organization's specific needs. Other features include:

  • Easily set fixed or floating schedules as needs dictate
  • Review calendar, meter, and seasonal PM schedules
  • Schedule PMs and track compliance by priority
  • Assign PMs to a specific technician
  • Project man-hours by week, month, or year
  • Consolidate PM functions
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